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Arkansas Attorney for Mortgage Problems and Home Foreclosure Prevention

In recent years, many American families have had to face the loss of their homes as a result of problems making timely mortgage payments. Although the rate of foreclosures has begun to decline in some areas, the economy is still not robust, and extended unemployment benefits have been discontinued, placing an additional financial burden on the long-term unemployed. If you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payment, you are not alone. Our Little Rock Mortgage Problem Lawyers can help. Since the recent financial crisis began in 2008, approximately four and a half million homes have been foreclosed on by lenders, and they are still happening.

In many cases, bringing the right lawyer on board as soon as you realize you can’t stay current with your payments can make an enormous difference in the outcome for you and your family. Foreclosure is a complicated legal process and one that is difficult to handle effectively on your own. Arkansas is a nonjudicial foreclosure state, which means foreclosures take place without the involvement of a court. Therefore, when your lender threatens you with foreclosure, you won’t have any opportunity to raise a defense unless you hire an attorney to file an affirmative action in court, requesting a judge to grant an injunction to stop the foreclosure.

Avoid Mortgage Scams

The recent crisis has given rise to various types of scams that have cost desperate homeowners large sums of money they could ill afford on top of the loss of the home. By going directly to a reputable attorney, you can get sound legal advice and have an advocate to uphold your rights, improving the odds that you will be able to keep your home.

Possible Foreclosure Defense Tactics

Your foreclosure defense lawyer will work with you to consider the best option for your situation. Your lawyer might propose one of these or other possible solutions:

  • Negotiating a modification of your loan to reduce payments to a level you can afford;
  • A short sale, where the lender agrees to allow the home to be sold for a price below the total owed;
  • A deed in lieu of foreclosure, which allows you to deed the property back to the bank in exchange canceling your loan obligation, without necessitating a foreclosure;
  • Conducting a forensic loan audit to uncover possible lender violations that would remove the lender’s right to foreclose. The Arkansas Home Loan Protection Act can be invoked by a knowledgeable attorney in certain situations to protect homeowners who have been subjected to predatory lending practices for loans on their primary residence.

Skilled, Professional Legal Advocacy for Arkansas Homeowners

Little Rock Mortgage Problems AttorneysIf you are in trouble with your mortgage in Arkansas, take action now. Dilks Law Firm in Little Rock is the place to turn when you are at risk of losing your home. We have the experience, the detailed understanding of state law pertaining to loans and foreclosures, and the passion for helping keep people who have fallen on hard times from losing their most important asset.

At Dilks Law Firm, we only handle cases pertaining to debt relief, and we are very good at what we do. We focus on the needs of each individual client and work closely with you to find the solution that will provide you with the best possible outcome in your particular situation. We return all phone calls and emails and keep you well informed and up-to-date on everything that is happening in your case. We understand that you are in a stressful situation and will work tirelessly to relieve that burden.

Protect your home, your credit, and your future. Call Dilks Law Firm in Little Rock to schedule a free, confidential mortgage evaluation to learn about the legal options available to you.